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Chongqing Gaoyuan International Travel Service Co., Ltd. was founded in January 18, 2007, and the establishment of the CPC Chongqing high source International Travel Service Co., Ltd. Branch Committee "in May 2011, the tourism business license in 2015 4 menstrual National Tourism Bureau outbound. High source of travel "is approved by the Chongqing Municipal Tourism Bureau, Yuzhong District Industrial and Commercial Bureau registration, payment in full and guarantee the quality, professional engaged in domestic and international travel service, and Chongqing City Yoga Association to establish a long-term strategic cooperative relations, for all its large outdoor activities, I more agency Chongqing City is the first proposed and to guide implementation of wages, buy insurance, travel agency. In order to expand the scale and business of the company, seek a wider tourism market and better serve our customers, our company chairman Li Jitao carried 11 West Sichuan special lines to

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Address:Art building 19, 19-4 Park Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, China

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